General information:

List of Packages and their characteristic

GotBackup Personal - $1.00 /1st week than $8.99 /month

GotBackup Personal Yearly - $95.88

GotBackup Personal - 8.99$ monthly or $95.88 yearly.

  • 1 computer or device
  • UNLIMITED Backup
  • Simple & Hassle Free
  • View Files Anywhere
  • Safe & Secure

GotBackup Share - $1 trial $13.99 /month

GotBackup Share Yearly - $143.88 year

GotBackup Share - 13.99$ monthly or $143.88 yearly

  • 1 computer or device
  • Sync Your Files Between Other Computers
  • UNLIMITED Backup, 500GB Share
  • Add 1000 GB Of Share Storage For $6.00
  • Share Files Easily With Anyone

GotBackup Family - $1 trial $14.99/ month

GotBackup Family Yearly - $155.88/year

GotBackup Family - 14.99$ monthly or $155.88/yearly.

  • 5 computers or devices
  • 5 Separate Accounts
  • Everything In Personal Backup For Each Device
  • UNLIMITED Backup
  • Priority Support
  • Easy To Assign And Manage Each Device

GotBackup Reseller - $19.97/monthly

  • Ability to resell Gotbackup and get up to 100% commissions
  • Your own affiliate URL’s
  • CPA advanced Tracking
  • Banners
  • AdCopy emails
  • OffLine Marketing
Where do I find my affiliate urls to market and promote GotBackup?

All product resellers have their personal affiliate links. Please log into your account and follow the section «Promotional Tools GotBackup» ---> «Your Affiliate URL’s».

Got Backup affiliate link looks like:http://gotbackup.com/?id=username

How do I set up GotBackup Family?

With GotBackup Family package you can create up to 5 accounts. One is auto created with your registered email when you access "GotBackup Login to Members area" button for the first time. The other 4 you can create from your members area "My Account Manager" >> "Got Backup Accounts". Once the account is created, it cannot be deleted or edited.

How do I change my email for Gotbackup software?

The email you choose for your GB portal is your login and cannot be changed manually. You can set it once from your members area >> "My Account Manager" >> "Got Backup Accounts".


Once the email/login is chosen, it cannot be deleted or edited. You can only reset your password.

How can I reset a password for Gotbackup software?

Please log into your account, click on a blue Gotbackup icon to pass to your GB portal. In the right high corner click on → logout → Forgotten password? → fill in the email associated with your GB software.

In a few seconds you will receive the message with further instructions. Follow the link from the message to reset a new password.

Backup and Share - Instruction in pictures.

Go to your user portal, select the function Backup and Share.

Follow your Gotbackup Member’s portal, navigate on Backup and Share section. You can add the first folder in the "Add folder" section. To upload files from your device, click on "Upload" button. To create public access by reference to a file or folder, select "Share" from the drop-down menu of the file or folder.

Copy the link in the dialog box to send it. There is an opportunity to share a file / folder via Twitter, Facebook, Digg.






Do I need GotBackup Reseller if I am already Pure Leverage Reseller to earn commissions?

No, you are qualified to earn commissions and only required to pay 1 Reseller fee of $19.97/mth.

Changes from Gotbackup Family package to Backup & Share

Please submit a ticket from your member's area with a such request

Does Gotbackup works on Windows XP?

Gotbackup software only supports the latest versions of XP.

If you are using a Windows XP machine and have not downloaded any of the updates, we suggest using the following guides:

Windows XP Service Pack 3 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322389

.NET Framework 4 update –http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29403

What Ports does the Gotbackup software use?

Gotbackup software runs on ports 50234 and 50235

Advanced users: use your Backup and Share over FTP

You can access your Backup and Share using any FTP client - GotBackup has full FTP support, including resume. For more information on getting started with FTP

Can I have the system work at a slower bandwidth pace so that it does not impact my other internet use while backing up?

Yes, you can set bandwidth at Gotbackup software as per your convenience. Please use steps to get this done as followings:

Click on the GotBackup Icon at system tray >> Settings >> Bandwidth (Tab) >> here you can define limited or unlimited bandwidth.

You can schedule your backup with following steps:

Click on the GotBackup Icon at system tray >> Manage Backups >> Settings (Tab)>> here you can schedule backup or set it to real time.