GVO COMMISSIONS (Meetcheap, hostthenproft, reseller hosting)

What does Paid commissions mean?

Funds have been transferred to the account you designated as your payout option.

What does Unpaid commissions mean?

These are commissions you earned but have not been paid. Notice: this “Unpaid” balance is not the total for your next commission payout. Commissions are paid out of this total based on the payment processing date.

What are potential commissions?

Potential commissions are indicators that you could have earned that commission, had you fulfilled following conditions:

You need two direct referrals to qualify for commissions through level six and four direct referrals to qualify for commissions through level 10.

Also, you should have at least $22 earned in your account balance. Potential commissions are not payable.

What does Lost commissions mean?

These are commissions that you would have earned if you qualified. These commissions cannot be recovered once lost. You always can upgrade your account to collect commissions on these customers in future months.

What does the “holdback fee” mean?

The holdback is a fee that is not charged by our bank. It is a fee called a rolling reserve that merchant service providers charge "A strategy used by credit card processors, acquiring banks or MSP’s (merchant service providers) to lower the risk profile of merchants that would otherwise not qualify for a merchant account based on current underwriting guidelines. The rolling reserve gives the above mentioned institutions the right to withhold a percentage (usually 5-10%) of gross sales from the merchant for a specific time frame in a non-interest bearing account to cover for the possibility of fraud or chargebacks."

What is a 10% six month rolling reserve holdback of commissions?

As GVO company grows and the ratio of distributors to customers widens, we have been forced to "hold back" 10% of your commissions for 6 months, because all along that is what the banks and merchant providers do to us.

The banks have always done that to us. Originally we would get the money held from us but still pay you. It has added up to millions and millions of dollars so we have to hold back commissions too.

When we do E-commerce transactions, they are considered a highest risk transactions. Why? The card is not present, and you are not getting a signature. So, the merchant providers, and a lot of the banks, they do what is called "10% rollback 6 month reserve". So, they will hold 10% of the transaction, (for example, the total commission payout is approx. $4 ---- $3.58-10%=$0.40 - they are taking back $0.40, which is 10%). So they hold on 10% for 6 months. Why is that, because the banks are holding back the money from us. They are holding on us, so we are forced to hold it on you for 6 months, because we have so many customers to distribute a ratio. So it is a 10% six month rolling reserve. This is called "Holding under reserve" for 6 months, in 6 months these money will be released to us, and we will release it to you. This 10% reserve is to protect the banks from chargebacks and fraud: normally, with regular Credit card transactions, the card is present and you get a signature. With e-commerce, there is no signature.

Here you can check for more info:

https://www.durangomerchantservices.com/reserves-why-many-high-risk-merchant-accounts-require-them/ http://www.merchantmaverick.com/understanding-rolling-reserve-put-business/
What does the “holdback” or “holdback released” mean?

Each 6 month we pay back the holdback fee taken (10%) with your regular commissions.

What is Super Incentive residual bonus?

All the leaders who signed up more than 100 direct referrals over any period of time get residual bonus. To qualify for this bonus you should have 100 active fully paid referrals.

In order to qualify, the referrals you make here must be paying $8.25 or more per month.

What is weekly potential bonus?

Here you see potential weekly leaders


Please note the sales mentioned here are not final.

What is weekly confirmed bonus?

Here you will see confirmed leader board for our weekly bonus contest


A confirmed sale is someone who after the 1 week trial upgraded to $9.97 per month (or more) on the first payment try. The weekly bonus is based on 5 direct sign ups between Tuesday 12:00 am through Monday 11:59:59 pm.

What is included in monthly leaderboard?

Here you will see the list of monthly leaders


You get 10% of our net revenue if you are one of the top 20 recruiters of the month. As well if you generate 10 sales in one month, you will get 75% commissions on your sales for this month. If you generate 25 sales - you will get 100% commissions! These extra commissions apply to monthly subscriptions only.

GVO Compensation plan:


We pay 50% commission on the first month of all your new paid direct sales. Example: You sign up 10 people in one month; you would receive 50% commission on those people, plus all your existing commissions on all the people that fall into your matrix.


For every 5 paid clients you bring into GVO within a calendar week you will receive an additional one time bonus of $100! Bring in 10 per a week and receive $200, 15 and you receive $300, etc.


For every 100 paid clients you bring into GVO over any period of time, collect a $500.00 Residual BONUS every month on top of your regular commissions!


To receive the matching check bonus you must upgrade to or purchase a product and service from GVO that is equal to or above $44.95/mo.

* Any paid direct sales (direct referral) you will collect a 20% matching check commission on their total sales. Example: If one of your direct sale (direct referrals) accumulates $2000 in downline commissions, you will collect an extra $400 in that month on top of your regular commissions.

What different methods are available to receive commissions?

We currently pay commissions through GVO Prepaid mastercard (Payoneer). You need to select the payout option under “Edit your profile” section.

You need to scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your current account password

and click update to save your changes.

When selecting GVO Payoneer card in your back office it is a 4 step process.

  1. Select GVO Payoneer and then enter your current password at the bottom of page and click update.
  2. Your screen will refresh and there will be a link directly to the GVO Payoneer website.
  3. Go to Payoneer site to apply for the card. If you have an existing GVO Payoneer card, you select the option to enter your existing card.
  4. When your card arrives, click the link above at the top of the page to activate your card and link it to your account.

GVO does not issue Payoneer cards, these are issued directly from Payoneer. You can contact Payoneer support directly at the URL below:


Here is the video explaining the same :


**Payoneer offers the option to choose direct deposit. This is a selection you make at the bottom of their sign up page. When you choose the "Direct Deposit" option, you will not even NEED a username and password to login to Payoneer because you chose NOT to have the debit card option.

Therefore, anyone who chose "Direct Deposit" will NOT need to have an "online account" with Payoneer.

However, Payoneer will email you the notifications when commissions have been direct deposited into your bank account.

You can contact Payoneer support directly at the URL below for more details:


"Please call us at 210-651-4487 should you have any unresolved billing enquiries."

Exception for India (for a new customer)

We were notified by our banking partners that due to specific regulations applicable to Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Sales industry in India, unfortunately our banking partners will no longer support payments for such business lines to payees in India.

Can I use the same payoneer account for two different accounts?

Yes. Simply sign in to your online account with the partner and select Payoneer as your payment method. You will be directed to an online application page, where you can choose to get paid to your already existing Payoneer account. If you already have a Payoneer card and have submitted a new application, please contact Payoneer customer support for instructions on how to merge your two accounts to the same card.

Sometimes, unfortunately, Payoneer will ask for a separate Payoneer account with a different email address if more than one account with us will be used. The cases are discussed and manage from their side.

What is the matrix for Gogvo?

The downline structure within GoGVO is unlimited width. If you wish to build a downline below your first line you will need to set the spillover setting within "Your Profile" section to direct the spillover under the username of your choice.

What does clicks per sale mean?

Clicks per sale is a percentage of people purchased the product/become an affiliate and the people who clicked an affiliate/custom link mentioned in the messages.

E.g. if we send you 1000 clicks what should you earn? What is the average EPC so as example if we send 1000 clicks and you make $1200 my EPC is $1.20 99.99999%.

What is profit position?

For every 14 active members (6 of them should be your direct downlines) in your affiliate tree you earn 1 profit position. You can then place your new profit position under any member of your team and set your spillover from your own referrals to that position. This allows you to start building a new team directly under your profit position.

There are many reasons why you might want to do that, for example you might be referring a big hitter and are able to say to them that if they join your business then you will take a position in their downline. Building a team below a person can motivate them to take the opportunity seriously.

Another reason might be that you have a person way down on your 8th, 9th or 10th level that you want to help. Placing a profit position together with spillover in that person's downline allows you to then place your new referrals beneath it and earn a further 10 levels of commissions below it, benefiting you and them at the same time.

Financially you earn the same amount from a profit position ($2.21 for each position if you have at least two direct referrals under them) as you do from your master position.

To collect on a profit position you must place two directly sponsored customers under that position.

Can I remove or replace profit position once it has been added?

Unfortunately, no. Once profit position is placed, it cannot be reversed.

How often are commissions paid?

Please note that commissions begin on the 20th and can take up until the 30th to complete payout. We need to mark them as paid in the members area in order to begin the payout process. Therefore please allow until after the 30th to contact us if you have not received your commissions.

Notice: Upon commission payout a 5% merchant processing fee will be applied. This fee is not an administrative fee. This fee is charged to us by our merchant processor for each credit/debit card or direct deposit transaction, we pass on a portion of the cost to affiliates.

We hold back 10% of the commission to accommodate for the reserves that the major credit cards hold of all our payments. This is only a hold back. Once the hold is released the commissions will be released to you.

Commissions will not be paid out until the amount generated is over $22.

I am unable to log into my payoneer account.

In such case, please contact Payoneer support as we do not have control over payoneer. Link is https://payoneer.custhelp.com/

Also, you can reset password using forgot password link which is https://myaccount.payoneer.com/Login/LostPassword.aspx

W9 form

US residents need to fill the W9 form to continue to receive your commissions. Commissions will not be paid out until this form is on file.

Please note that this is for US citizens only. Non-US clients can ignore this message. Here is the link to download the W9 form www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf and you can send it to w9@gvocorp.com

Can we transfer commissions from one account to another?

No, you cannot transfer commissions from one account to another.

Where do I find the link that explains commission matrix?

You can check the commission details at https://www.gogvo.com/affiliates.php

For hostthenprofit, please check https://www.hostthenprofit.com

For meetcheap: https://www.meetcheap.com/affiliates.php

Where do I find my downline details?

You will find your downline details in your gogvo member’s area -> Your GVO Business -> Your Downline.

What is “direct affiliate”?

Direct affiliates are those downline members that you have personally sponsored using your affiliate link. You need two personally sponsored people to get paid down a full six levels and you need four personally sponsored people to get paid down a full ten levels.

What are pending affiliates?

Pending affiliates are those who created an account in GVO but have not make payment. Their billing is inactive. Pending affiliates do not earn commissions, unless they make payment.

Do trial members earn commissions?

No, trial members do not earn commissions. Their commissions are accumulated. The commissions are payable when they become fully paid members.

Which packages are entitled to earn commissions?
I received notification that someone signed below one of my downlines, but I do not see them in my matrix. Why?

Our system has been updated such that "pending" members below your downline member do not show up in your matrix anymore. Instead, they are listed as a lead in the direct sponsor’s member’s area for follow up. Once these pending members make payment, they will show up in your matrix tree.