How to add a first Follow up message

  • Terminology

    Follow up message is message you send to your subscribers. You can set the day this message will be sent

  • Important

    Avoid using excessive punctuation and CAPS in your messages, especially in the subject line

    Always include a plain-text version of your message

    Include specifics and a call to action in your subject line

    Avoid linking to URLs that contain folders with 1-2 characters (such as domain.com/e/something/ or domain.com/es/) as some filters will consider it as a suspicious item.

    Content does play a major role in filtering email. Avoid using spammy sounding words. Use https://returnpath.com/downloads/spam-filters-work/ for more guidelines for successful deliverability. Or use http://emailcopychecker.com/ to check your email for spam words.

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